At Domination Homes we bring more than 40 years of experience to every luxury custom home we design and build. Our homes are stylishly designed to suit each customer’s individual lifestyle and are constructed with quality craftsmanship. It is our tailored service and attention to detail that enables us to deliver only the best luxury homes that exceed expectations time and time again.

We pride ourselves on having the best tradespeople in the business, some having worked with us for more 40 years. These tradespeople, like us, invest in the quality of each home we build – they know what it takes to match and exceed expectations. With our second-to-none service and quality craftsmanship, we are the leaders in building luxury custom homes suited to Perth conditions. Our unique, hands-on approach to building has the company directors involved in each luxury home we build, and to ensure the quality of the craftsmanship and construction of your new home, one of our company directors performs the final inspection before the keys are handed over. Our philosophy is that if something isn’t right, it is taken down and done again. This is how we know our homes are built only to the highest quality standards each and every time, no excuses. At Domination Homes we are proud of the quality of our luxury custom homes.

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