Depeche Mode Vase Black


Greg Natale’s Depeche Mode vase’s sculptural form evokes the playful geometry and radical imagination of the Memphis Group and other icons of 1980s design. Inspired by the movement’s affinity for artifice and its irreverent remix of classical architecture, the column-like piece in Portuguese ceramic reimagines postmodern cues in a fresh and elegant palette of monochrome and muted pastels. Perfect for any living or dining space, this impressive, timeless piece suits homes with both classic and contemporary interiors. Depeche Mode vase can serve as a vessel for a beautiful floral arrangement or stand on its own as a compelling work of art.

Material: Black Ceramic
Dimensions: Ø18.5 x H45mm/Ø7.2 x H17.7in

Made in Portugal by master ceramic artisans.

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