Perth Builders

Seascape Designs specialise in designing passive solar homes and building energy efficient sustainable homes that are unique in design and suited to the clients and their land. The main criteria are to build a home that is orientated to the land correctly designed to give the client comfortable & healthy living all year round. We endeavour to give our clients an insight into how to live more sustainably and how they can save money on power & water usage.

Seascape Designs have won many awards over the past 20 years in the Midwest from MBA contract awards, Sustainability awards, Water wise awards, HIA Green smart awards as well as Commercial MBA & HIA awards.

Seascape Designs don’t just build sustainable homes. We apply sustainable methods & GREENSMART principles in each and every home we build. This is what makes Seascape Designs different from other builders. Learn more about how we can make your new home different to so many of the homes built in WA.


Phone: 0457 371 657