Oooooh aaaaah, WOW…  these are some of the things you’re likely to utter when viewing one of Sharon Marston’s lighting installations for the first time…

…. or you may just be dumb struck!

Not because of the size –  although some of her installations are nearly room size… and not because of the intricacy of detail that goes into each of the installations with some containing several thousand pieces woven together, but purely because of the pure ethereal quality of her work that gives it a look that is quite ‘out of this world’.

It’s easy to see how Marston’s background in jewellery design may have influenced her work, with each installation sparkling with gem-like qualities, however it was while photographing costume designs during her work in the theatre and noticing how light interacted with woven nylon that her interest in lighting design was first sparked.

Since 1997 Marston has experimented with a diverse range of materials fusing fine bone china, hand-blown glass, and woven polymers with fibre optic filaments in unique ways that create the ethereal qualities that are present in all her work irrespective of shape and size.

The breathtaking pieces have certainly captured people’s attention and the company’s impressive client list includes luxury private residences all of the world and a number of prestigious commercial installations including Harrods, King of Saudi Arabia’s Royal Lobbies, Trump Soho Tower in New York, Michelin star restaurants in London and a recent mammouth sized sculptural installation at the Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore.

Each Sharon Marston light is designed and engineered specifically for the space, ensuring that every piece is completely unique and optimal for its surroundings. The company now has a team of technicians and engineers who work directly with clients as well as architects and interior designers, to produce these stunning intricate works of art. A standard size installation takes around three months to build at an investment of £ 10,000 plus with some larger installations taking up to 7 months to create and costing several hundred thousand pounds.

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