Although only opening in late 2022, news of the Quantum Light Lounge and the amazing effects it is having on those who have had sessions is spreading like wildfire. For those who aren’t familiar, the new Nedlands based business features a technology called the The Energy Enhancement SystemTM (EESystemTM) which was developed in the early 2000’s. Up until recently the system was only sold to private users for home use but being costly was reserved for those with substantial money – private owners include self-development guru Tony Robbins and members of the Middle-Eastern royalty. Recently however, the technology was licensed to enable it to be sold to businesses in order to make the EESystem more accessible to members of the general public, and now locations are rapidly springing up all over the world, with the Quantum Light Lounge the very first EE System in Western Australia.

Eesystem Perth

So what exactly is the Energy Enhancement System? For skeptics the system provides an absolute dream to mock, because It ‘appears’ like nothing more than a room full of computers with ‘coloured patterns’ that look something like static scrolling on the screens. However, what’s not visible to the eye are the multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields that are being created which include ‘scalar waves’.

John Orava, PHD Physicist, President of Bio-Physics Research Foundation and former Energy Consultant to both the Pentagon and US Department of Defense is just one of many professionals who have validated the effects of the EESystem,  “What’s occurring is the transmutation of existing energy fields and a collision of photons at 90 and 180 degrees. The result is the production of new forms of energy fields, called scalar fields.  There’s even more than that going on. This definitely would have an effect on all forms of energy.  Since everything is energy, including people, it would definitely have an effect on us”.

For those who aren’t physicists, a more simplistic explanation is that the energy being created by the EESystem within the room, provides an optimal environment for the human body to regenerate. When cells are functioning at full potential, they operate in a range between 70-90 millivolts. Aging and dis-ease occur in the body when the cellular energy drops to levels below this range. It’s therefore logical that immersing the body in a field of energy that stimulates the energy within cells would naturally have a beneficial effect. Some of the body’s responses to an increase in cellular energy include; aiding detoxification, improving circulation, oxygenating cells, mood elevation, increase physical energy, boosting immune function.

EeSystem Perth

Note that the EESystem is NOT promoted as a medical device, nor does it make any claims whatsoever on its ability to ‘heal’. The energetic field that the EESystem emits, does however seem to create an environment that stimulates the body’s natural healing response, with testimonies validating this from people all over the world. The reports really are astounding, with what would seem like ‘miraculous’ recoveries after as little as a single two hour session – debilitating tinnitus goes away, partial blindness and incontinence cured, relief from chronic pain, increases in mobility, relief from many years of insomnia, anxiety and depression. Repeated sessions have even shown massive decreases in tumours and total relief from chronic life-long illnesses.

Various tests undertaken before entering the EESystem and after exiting the EESystem are demonstrating the physiological changes occurring within the body after exposure to the energetic fields created by the EESystem. Live blood cell analysis is showing remarkable changes after one session, with blood cell shapes normalise and separating from clusters. EEG’s have shown significant increases in brain activity and normalisation of brainwaves and studies using a GDV Bio-electrography Beogram which can measure the bio-energetic field of the human body, have shown quick dramatic shifts and positive changes.

After hearing all this, I decided I needed to experience the Quantum Light Lounge for myself. Session times are generally two hours during which you essentially have a ‘power-nap’ on one of the extremely comfortable reclining lounge chairs. Winding down and going to sleep is not at all difficult, as the energy within the room is extremely calm and peaceful and seems to immediately put you into a state of relaxation, in which drifting into sleep comes easily. Wishing however to experience a longer session, I organised an overnight stay which allows a full 12 full hours straight within the EESystem for myself, my sister who has suffered from a number of life-long illnesses and my daughter who has had chronic eczema for around 2 years.

Penny Whife, owner of the Quantum Light Lounge has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 30 years, including as a Clinical Nurse for The Australian Defense Force and as a civilian nurse for the WA Police. It is highly apparent through Penny’s warm, caring nature that she has a genuine heartfelt interest in people’s health and immediately made us feel completely at ease and very welcome, showing us around and helping us get set up for our overnight stay.

The twelve hours actually went very quickly, with everyone enjoying a very peaceful, deep sleep and waking feeling much more energised than normal. Most remarkably, my sister, who has suffered from constant pain and tightness in her stomach for most of her adult life, as a result of a disorder called gastroparesis, woke with no pain at all, this is something she is usually not able to achieve without pharmaceutical medication. Incredibly the symptoms of gastroparesis which she has experienced for well over 20 years are yet to return. She has also reported a general increase in feelings of well-being, something that I can also attest.

I encourage everyone to experience the astounding benefits of enhanced cellular energy for themselves by booking a session at the Quantum Light Lounge, or if you’re one of the skeptics, research some of the incredible testimonies that can be found online by searching for EESystem or Energy Enhancement Testimonials.

Experience the Perth EESystem at the Quantum Light Lounge;
Suite 16 / 88 Broadway, Nedlands
(Top Floor Broadway Fair Shopping Centre)
P 0411 859 112