Considering fridges… the words sexy & stylish don’t often come to mind. But we’ve chased down not only some of the best performing fridges but some of the best looking ones too… fridges that will look hot whilst maintaining their cool!

Meneghini La Cambusa

The allure of the sea and the pursuit of functionality were the inspiration behind this brimming with personality fridge. The CAMBUSA is an exclusive unit that blends seamlessly with any interior, making a prestigious and refined addition to any kitchen.

It comes in two or three door versions, with or without portholes, and is built with high-quality material with a virtually endless range of finishes and colours to choose from. Handles and hinges can be produced in polished raw brass, stainless chromed brass or aged brass.

Meneghini La Cambusa

Meneghini La Cambusa

It’s internal layout is highly versatile meaning it can be fully customised depending on size, to accommodate any combination of appliances and fitted pantries.

Cost? The sophisticated European style comes with a price tag –  you’re looking at €23,000 for a small one €28,000 for the larger one.


Sub-Zero integrated products have no visible grills or hinges, making it possible for your refrigeration to be indistinguishable from other cabinets and providing the ability to separate units and place them  where they are most convenient for you – eg: vegetable crisper drawers under work benches whilst freezers are upright by the pantry.

Sub-Zero’s 610mm wide ICBIC-24FI all-freezer column provides 338 litres of storage space surrounded by a dedicated cooling system engineered to keep air dry to prevent frost and freezer burn. An automatic ice-maker includes a “max ice” command, which allows for increased on-demand production of purified ice by up to 30 percent, for 24 hours.


The Sub-Zero ICBIC-24R – the first 610 mm all-refrigerator column from Sub-Zero – provides 352 litres of storage, with a built-in anti-microbial air-purification system based on technology developed by NASA. This system scrubs the air of ethylene gas — an organic compound emitted by produce that hastens food spoilage — as well as mould, viruses and bacteria every 20 minutes. Another advanced food-preservation feature is the high-humidity, lower-temperature crisper drawers, which provide the perfect conditions for storing fresh produce.

Prices? Sub-Zero Integrated Column All Freezer comes with an RRP of $18,995


Miele sets the benchmark for luxury refrigeration with the flagship range of fully integrated refrigeration appliances, aptly named the MasterCool series.

Bringing European design to Australia, the modular column system allows you to configure combinations of fridge and freezer units to suit your individual preferences and maximize storage space. MasterFresh drawers allows the storage of food at the precise temperature and humidity requirements to ensure food is kept as fresh as possible for up to 3 times longer than normal. To use simply select the drawer location and food item type from the menu system and Miele’s signature electronics manage the rest.

Miele_K 1801 Vi + F 1471 Vi fridge freezer combination insitu_1200

A unique benefit to MasterCool refrigerators are that the TouchControls have been placed ergonomically at waist height, so users will never have to stretch to reach the controls at the top of the unit, which stands at more than two metres tall.

For WA’s climate, ice and water features are usually high on the fridge want list.  Miele refrigeration that include ice and water units have been tested and WaterMark certified ensuring that any water that comes in contact with internal components of the unit will not be contaminated. Ice making capacity is up to 150 pieces per day with a 3.2kg of ice storage capacity. Plenty of ice for every drink the family needs in a day.

Prices start from $11,499.00



With all the fun colours available to brighten up your kitchen, how could we possibly leave out the Smeg 50’s Retro Style fridge and freezer. Available in 11 colours the FAB32 is a two door refrigerator-freezer available in right or left hand hinges so putting two of them side by side for an even more impressive look is no problem. 228 litre fridge capacity and 98 litre freezer capacity you get the gorgeous curves and look of a 1950’s fridge, but, it comes with all the workings of today’s Smeg techonology.

Features throughout the fridge include crystal glass quick-chill shelves, 4 bottle chromed wine rack, 7 shelf heights, a meat keeper and the classic 12 place egg nest. The door includes a multi-purpose half width container, dairy container, a full width bottle shelf with restrainers, 2 chromed safely rails which are removable and 4 height positions.

The freezer underneath the fridge contains 2 drawers, 1 fast-freeze drawer, an ice-cube tray and is also frost free which means no more days of defrosting the freezer.

The Smeg FAB32 has a RRP of $5690.00



When you hear the brand name KitchenAid most people think of the distinctive mixer which built their brand, launched way back in 1919. But a new thought should come to mind for KitchenAid’s latest innovation – black stainless steel. KitchenAid released this amazing finish with the satiny luster of brushed steel, a warm neutral tone that increases its adaptability to kitchen designs and best of all decreases the appearance of fingerprints.

This fridge design is so sleek that hiding the fridge behind your kitchen cabinetry would not cross your mind. The days of the stainless steel commercial kitchen look from the 90’s is now being modernized with the black stainless steel being hailed by kitchen designers as ‘new neutral’ that adds warmth and sophistication to a range of kitchen designs.

Features include a 5 door configuration. 2 soft close drawers, the left drawer features 5 preset temperatures for meat, drinks, greens, deli and thaw/marinate. The right drawer a produce preserver ideal for fresh produce which helps delay over-ripening. LED lighting throughout with an in-door ice system with ice bin allowing more room in the refrigerator compartment and a 3 tier freezer drawer at the bottom.

This fridge has a RRP of $3,999.00

 These fabulous fridges were featured in our luxury homes annual,  WA Custom Homes 2016