A deeply considered wine collection deserves a wine cellar of equal measure.

Cellar Creations designs and master-builds beautiful, architecturally considered wine rooms, wine racking and under-stair cellars, individually designed to suit your space and to your precise requirements. Modern, classic and bold, our bespoke cellars meet the varied needs of our discerning clientele.

Custom Wine Cellars

Whether your project is residential or commercial, in Australia or overseas, with over twenty years of experience, Cellar Creations delivers unparalleled quality and professionalism.

Cellar Creations was formed by Robert Rolls and David Read, friends who appreciate the value of correctly storing wine for both pleasure and as an investment.  Cellar Creations has now grown to designing and constructing wine cellars not just in  Australia but internationally.

For the wine connoisseur, a developer requiring a communal wine cellar, or a restaurant wanting a unique way to store and display their wine collection, Cellar Creations have the ability to deliver wine cellars from conception to completion.  With a background in design, custom building and bespoke craftsmanship, Cellar Creations’ unique wine cellars become a feature of the space, increasing the value and sale ability of your property as well as providing a space to store and protect your valuable investment.

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Custom Wine Cellars 1

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Cellar Creations’ expertise, attention to detail and knowledge of building enables them to take on complex and challenging projects.

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