Dream homes don’t always come with an ideal block to build upon and in the case of this Cheltenham home, working with a steep sloping site with multiple rock ledges and a 12 meter crossfall may have proved too challenging for some. Thanks however to the highly skilled team at Aspect Designs the difficulties of the site have been transformed into spectacular features of this stylish contemporary home.

Rather than seeing the steep slope as an obstacle, Aspect designed the home over four levels using the natural slope of the site. Perched high above street level, the home appears to be sitting amongst the tree tops, an effect that is truly emphasized on the upper-floor which feels as though it is floating amongst the tree canopy – a full 17m above the street! To optimise the feeling of living amongst the trees, the home features an extensive amount of glazing, in fact over 300sqm of glass were used in the construction, including spectacular seamless viewing windows that in some cases are over 9 meters in length, resulting in an abundance of natural light and bringing the outside in.

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Five bedrooms, four bathrooms, multiple internal living spaces and various decks and balconies ensure that this home has abundant space for all the family to enjoy. It also includes two separate garages accommodating up to 5 vehicles, a glass lift that was brought in from Italy for easy access of all four levels and a stunning wet-edge swimming pool that was skillfully craned in and installed between the external wall and 5 meters of glazing with millimeter precision.

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Undeniably, the most spectacular feature of the home is a dramatic 6 meter internal void which needed industrial strength framing for stability. The 12m steel frame required a 45 tonne crane to install onsite but was well worth the effort, allowing for double height windows that enable the beautiful bush outlook to be enjoyed from as many angles of the home as possible and creating a beautiful light and airy ambience within the home.

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