Designer Rugs has long been synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and innovative collaborations with celebrated artists. Continuing this tradition, Designer Rugs has launched its latest partnership with acclaimed Australian artist Felicia Aroney, unveiling a collection that beautifully combines artistry with the world of textiles.

Represented by seven prestigious galleries across Australia as well as has her own gallery in Sydney’s Double Bay, Aroney’s reputation has traversed continents, in exhibitions from Europe to Asia. Renowned for her unique, mark-making style and the three-dimensional aspect of her work translates perfectly to the textural application of Designer Rugs beautiful handwoven designs.

This latest collaboration between Designer Rugs and Felicia Aroney introduces three stunning rugs, each bearing the distinctive mark of Aroney’s unique aesthetic. Each rug features abstract patterns in muted tones that combine modern appeal with enduring elegance, offering a versatile selection to suit diverse design preferences. Crafted from 100% New Zealand wool and luxurious bamboo silks, each rug undergoes meticulous hand-tufting and carving to bring Aroney’s designs to life.

While the collection presents stock sizes, the customisation options extend further, allowing for tailored adjustments to suit any commercial or residential setting. Whether within a contemporary hotel setting or enhancing the charm of a traditional home, these rugs promise to add a layer of sophistication to every space.

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With this collaboration, Designer Rugs again invites you to discover elegant home decor that celebrates the talent of a renowned Australian artist within each beautifully crafted rug.

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