Making its grand entry into the Australian market this year, luxury Italian brand Pedini has been at the forefront of kitchen design for over six decades. Commencing in 1957 as a small artisan enterprise, it has become a global powerhouse that continues to shape the history of kitchen aesthetics.

A beacon of Italian craftsmanship, Pedini brings world-class quality, sophistication, and innovative designs to redefine the ‘heart of your home’. What sets Pedini apart is its unwavering dedication to the “handmade in Italy” ethos. Every product bears the distinctive mark of quality that has earned Pedini accolades from international institutes, recognising the brand’s technological prowess and meticulous selection of eco-friendly materials.

The Aroma 1 range represents more than just a kitchen,  it is a luxurious a collection that extends to different spaces of the home with a unique and exclusive style. A totality of sceneries that becomes a story between lifestyle and personal visions of the home.

Sophisticated and eclectic space that blends with the surrounding environment, becoming part of the architecture itself. Refined materials emphasize the volumes and hide large storage spaces.

Freestanding accessories enrich the composition, expanding the functional areas of the kitchen.


The wide area with tall units, thanks to rational elements allow the organisation of inner spaces in an easy and practical way. A pure and monochromatic volume hiding multifunction areas guarantees tidiness.

A wide working surface and comfortable floating cabinetry, create a multi-functional space that is hidden behind practical, vanishing doors.

Surfaces and volumes intersect in an interplay of full and empty spaces, boiseries hide surprising containers.


The bathroom interpreted as a wellness space through the composition of essential volumes and refined material selections.

Australia’s first Pedini showroom is located at 98 Commercial Road Teneriffe, Brisbane 

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