For The Health Conscious

Home automation is our future connecting all our household appliances to be controlled by one device, but all this technology comes with more power being used and more electromagnetic pollution in our lives.

Luckily I stumbled across a product that allows you to test electromagnetic fields, a temperature and humidity sensor, organic sensor and a radiation sensor.

The EMF sensor (electromagnetic field sensor) measures high and low frequency fields from household items such as lamps, microwaves and mobile phones. It’s used so you are aware of items in your house which expel high pollution and not spend as much time in those areas such as changing your bed around so it’s not near these spots.

The radiation sensor determines the amount of radioactive particles in the air around you. This sensor comes with a list of preset scenarios, situations and places that it will recommend you to measure the radiation levels in the home and also at work.

This is a favourite for people who spend large amounts of money on organic food because the organic sensor can tell you if your fruit and vegetables are actually organic. It works by measuring the concentration of nitrates left behind in food as a result of using nitrogen based fertilizers. Simply probe your food with the organic sensor and the smaller the quantity the purer the food. If you buy your organic food at a number of shops you can make up your own mind how organic they really are and it will help you to shop smarter.

These sensors are available to purchase for personal use around the home and for health conscious people they are a life saver. Most of these handy sensors come with an app you can download onto your iOS smart device and you can save your results to help you improve your daily activities over time.


The Organic Sensor from Lapka is a simple solution for quickly determining if raw fruits and vegetables are truly organic as it measures the concentration of nitrates that are left behind in the food that are a result of using nitrogen-based fertilizers; the smaller the quantity the purer the food.


Lapka Radiation Sensor Using iPhone App123LAPKA RADIATION SENSOR

Determine the amount of radioactive particles around you with the Lapka Radiation Sensor and an iOS smart device (iPhone 4 and higher, iPad, iPod Touch 3rd generation and higher) running the Lapka app.



This EMF Sensor will measure high frequency (HF) and low frequency (LF) fields that are caused by electronic devices, nearby power lines or wireless transmitters.