So you just spent $1000’s on a stunning piece of Calacatta marble for your new kitchen benchtop. It almost seems like sacrilege to spoil it with a dark induction cooktop.

Thankfully SMEG now have an alternative with their latest Smartsense Plus induction cooktop which they have released in white – yes pure white – Hallelujah!

Made from ceramic glass the cooktops come in black or white, but the big drawcard aesthetically is that it has no serigraphy (printing) on it, unless the cooktop is in use which is when the controls light up otherwise it simply looks like a white piece of glass sitting on your benchtop and maintains the stylish and slick appearance of your beautiful new kitchen.

This induction cooktop gives you control with a swipe of a finger, which we’re used to after using smart devices allowing you to control from 1-9 power levels and the SmegSmartsense double boost of 3700W gives instantaneous heat if you need to when wanting to boil water for pasta and the induction allows you to cook very gently melting chocolate without burning or sticking.

Cleaning is a breeze and by using a damp cloth any spills and slop left on the cooktop is off without scrubbing leaving that surface sparkling glossy white for it’s entire lifetime.