Spadaccini Homes was  founded in 1997 by G. Robert Spadaccini who qualified as a builder at the young age of 24.  Since then he has built up a company that has a reputation as Perth’s go to luxury custom home builders, building distinctive homes finished with both exceptional quality and a great sense of pride.

Spadaccini Homes is passionate about every custom home they build and believe that every home should be a home Rob Spadaccini himself would be happy to live in, using only the very finest of materials, are environmentally empathetic, and are award-winning representations of their owners lifestyles.  With their team of excellent trades, some of which have been with Spadaccini Homes since its inception they ensure that the company controls each and every aspect of all of their custom home projects, from scheduling to liaising with clients and suppliers.

Spadaccini Homes is active in both the MBA and HIA in Western Australia and for a third time in 2022, Spadaccini Homes were awarded the prestigious MBA Top Home of the Year Award in the Nation. Which is a clear testament to the enduring quality and master craftsmanship of the Spadaccini team.


95 Guthrie Street
Osborne Park
Western Australia 6017
(08) 9445 8888