Competition rules and conditions:

Intellectual property and copyright

  1. There is no prize money or contract associated with winning entries.
  2. The winning entry will be used for features and complementary advertising in Custom Homes Luxury Annuals 2019. Any repetitive use will be in agreement with the winning entrant/s.
  3. All winning entries will be awarded a free 4-6 page feature article in a Luxury Custom Homes Magazine, a complementary one page, full-colour advertisement in a Luxury Homes Annual 2019 and related websites advertising – each award valued at $7,500. The complementary advertisement may be designed by the winner in accordance with Custom Homes’ advertising requirements, or the winner may request Custom Homes Magazine to prepare the advertisement.  
  4. No submission will be used by Custom Homes Magazines, for any purpose other than described without the agreement of the competitor.
  5. All competitors retain the intellectual property and their moral rights over the designs as submitted in accordance with Australian Copyright and Moral Rights legislation.
  6. Copyright of winning entries will be retained by the designers/authors and permission is granted to the organiser for use only on as described in this competition.
  7. Copyright for unawarded entries remains with the original authors. Unsuccessful entries, and the ideas and concepts within, remain the property of the original author and as such will not be used by the organisers.
  8. The Competition will be conducted in accordance with the advertised conditions and criteria.
  9. Competitors are expected to meet their professional responsibilities of meeting the competition criteria
  10. Competitors must comply with normal requirements for confidentiality and media restrictions that apply with Competitions.
  11. Competitors must not make direct contact with Jury members and should avoid unnecessary communications with the promoter.
  12. Photographs ultimately selected for publication from the 5 winning entries will be at the sole discretion of the Custom Homes Magazine editors (although consultation may occur prior to final editorial decisions)