Celebrated Australian artist Anya Brock is renowned for her vibrant use of colour, transforming dull interiors into joyful spaces and ordinary exterior walls into large scale, traffic stopping works of art. Her eye-catching large-scale murals are easily identified, spattered throughout her home town of Perth, to as far as Los Angeles and Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach.

Anya’s creative approach is fluid and organic, preferring at the onset to not know how the piece will turn out, rather choosing a starting point and switching off to an extent , allowing her intuition take over with the creative process, checking in only occasionally with her ‘design mind ‘ to ensure that the piece is working. It’s a method that obviously serves her well with a career that is going from strength to strength and an impressive body of work behind her from colourful abstract animals to nudes, reefs, boats and roses.

Her most recent series explores the contrasting brutality and beauty of the Protea – a robust yet feminine flower that can endure the most arid and hostile environments. With a sophisticated palette of muted tones, this work pays more attention to suggestive line work and abstract mark making.

Perth Artist Anya Brock 7

Perth Artist Anya Brock 12

Inner Awareness, canvas print

Perth Artist Anya Brock 1

Perth Artist Anya Brock 2

Perth Artist Anya Brock 11

Perth Artist Anya Brock 4

Perth Artist Anya Brock 5

Slow To A Stop, canvas print

Perth Artist Anya Brock 6

Perth Artist Anya Brock 8

Perth Artist Anya Brock 9

Perth Artist Anya Brock 10

Like most of Anya’s work the Protea series is available in original works as well as limited edition prints and canvases.

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