With its unique angular lines and extensive use of glass, this home won the 2012  MBAV for Best Custom home $1mil  – $3mil  for Melbourne custom home builder ARCH:10 and it’s not hard to see why…

Around a suspended staircase and sky bridge framed under a trapezoidal glass roof, water cascades and gently meanders to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. The interior of this 65 square home in Leyland Road, Mt Waverley, Victoria is filled with natural light.

The owner expressed a strong wish to build something a little different and had even drawn a sketch of the house he envisioned. It was not the traditional approach of a square building – following the property’s boundaries. Instead, a triangular form emerged from the initial design sketches so that the open-plan house, built on an upward sloping block, is shaped like an arrow, capturing the sun and pointing towards a spectacular view of the city skyline.

A vaulted ceiling comes down from the glass roof to act as the central node of the house, helping to link the main outdoor entertaining area with the internal living areas. The walls, except for the rear, are essentially glass, providing a luminous aspect to the interior and framing the views. The angular nature of the design lends itself to a sense of openness and space in the four separate living areas as well as in the four bedrooms and study.

The open-plan design makes an easy connection to the kitchen, where a floating bulkhead inverts the idea of platform. The dining area is raised, and part of the roof folds down to allow for summer dining. Several steps lead into the front living area from the main entrance. This blends and tempers the cool, modern interior and creates the calming connection with the outside garden and decking as the owner requested.

This Arch:10 home has several green initiatives that include solar photovaltaic roof panels to supply power and temperature control, and large underground water tanks to provide garden irrigation and water for the toilets. The extensive glass areas are built of high-performing, double-glazed Low-E glass.