Sydney’s LoveLife Projects worked closely with the owners and architect to help piece together the client’s many ideas to create a truly unique home in Sydney’s picturesque Balmain

Luxury Home Design

The contemporary luxury home design incorporates a myriad of unique materials including a huge custom-made copper window and recycled bricks that combine together to create a home that is visually striking.

Luxury Home Design Lovelife Projects

To make room for the four bedrooms and four bathrooms incorporated over three levels, the second floor had to be stabilised with acroprops whilst walls were removed on the second and third level to open up the space.

Luxury Home Design

Inside, the home is light and airy thanks to an abundance of natural light that flows through large skylights and custom shaped windows also adding to the home’s architectural appeal.

Luxury Home Designers Sydney

A predominantly white palette allows colour to be introduced through bold artworks and accent furniture.

Luxury Home Design Sydney

Beautiful finishes throughout emphasize the quality workmanship that is evident in every LoveLife project including a stunning cedar panelled wall that runs the length of the interior stairwell imbuing the space with an organic warmth and further adding to the geometric lines that feature throughout this beautiful luxury home design.

Lovelife Projects Sydney