Honoured as the exclusive artist for Hollywood Gift Bags, which are provided to Oscar award winners and nominees, Tracie who first developed a passion for painting 14 years ago, has risen in fame as one of Australia’s leading contemporary female artists.

Tracie’s inspiration is drawn from nature and her connection to the environment, particularly the beach which she calls her ‘healing place’ and this can often be seen reflected in her work in swirly representations of the surf and serene aqua and gold colour combinations as well as vibrant, abstract florals.

 Interior design art 6

Cleansing your soul – 760mm(w) x 1020mm(h)

 Interior design art 7

Dandelions – 2250mm(w) x 800mm(h)

 Interior design art 8

Finding a New Way – 600mm(w) x 1000mm(h)

Knowing the impact that art and colour has on the human psyche, Tracie creates with intent – to bring joy, beauty and optimism into peoples lives and inspire others to make a difference. She also works on a commission basis to create custom artworks for clients.

 Interior design art 9

Fortune Favours the Brave – 500mm(w) x 1100mm(h)

 Interior design art 10

From Chaos Comes Clarity – 1200mm(w) x 1100mm(h)

 Interior design art 11

It’s the Simple Things – 1160mm(w) x 795mm(h)

 Interior design art 12

Pure Balance – 1600mm(w) x 100mm(h)

 Interior design art 13

Reflecting on Your Inner Self – 1100mm(w) x 650mm(h)

 Interior design art 14

The Tendrils of Life – 500mm(w) x 1100mm(h)


 Interior design art 123

See available artworks and find out more about Tracie at www.tracieeaton.com