Situated on a prime riverfront site in stunning South Perth, is another architecturally striking home by Perth’s Weststyle. Externally clad with four tonnes of copper, the contemporary façade features the largest amount of copper ever used in a residential project in the southern hemisphere, making it a standout in the streetscape and adding an organic quality which will tell the story of the homes evolution as the patina weathers and changes over time.

Copper Clad Home facade

Copper Clad Home 3

Copper Clad Home ant view

Contrasting with the angular lines and hard, metal surface of the exterior, the interior is thoughtfully and immaculately detailed with extensive stone and timber finishes throughout which create a refined yet warm and inviting ambience. The exceptional craftsmanship is evident in the precision of extensive timber panelling which has been used throughout the home and in the construction of the central staircase which is a standout feature of the home.

A thoughtful and considered layout enabled the 710sqm site to accommodate a four-car garage, seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a large living area at ground floor, a family room, an entertainment room, a steam room, a large roof terrace and a lap pool. Another testament to the skill and the experience of the Weststyle team.

Copper Clad Home 8

Copper Clad Home 9

Copper Clad Home 10

Copper Clad Home 11

Copper Clad Home 14

Copper Clad Home 12

Copper Clad Home 15

Copper Clad Home 16

Copper Clad Home 17

Copper Clad Home 19

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