Every custom home should be a true reflection of the owner’s identity – architecturally embodying an ethos as well as being uniquely beautiful.  With the increasing demand from consumers for eco-friendly materials, the Modinex Group’s range of innovative and compliant, claddings, linings, screenings and deckings offer architects and designers a myriad of options to create striking architectural features, ensuring each and every project has its own unique aesthetic.

The Modinex business model is a unique, user-driven consolidation of leading brands that include Austratus, Cedar Sales, Urbanline and others. In bringing ground breaking companies together, Modinex have set a new industry benchmark in Australia, New Zealand and beyond, by offering leading-edge architectural building products that provide game changing innovation. With over 40 years industry experience the Modinex are a valued project design partner, working in close collaboration with you, priding themselves on their ability to help you make the right product choices to ensure your project is distinct whilst meeting all manufacturing, maintenance, and compliance certifications from, suspended ceilings to structural innovation.

Providing much more than visual value, one recent industry study has shown that Modinex timber can be between 300-1500% more energy efficient to manufacture than steel and aluminum. Overall the company has an admirable commitment to sustainability. Their extensive product ranges includes a variety of native and international tree species in hard and softwood varieties but relies heavily on Western Red Cedar and Hemlock which are renowned for being the ultimate sustainable timber species and for every tree harvested, they plant three, which amazingly has resulted in the growth and preservation of many vulnerable Canadian ecosystems. The company is also committed to producing fewer greenhouse gases and generating less air and water pollution by turning to alternative and renewable energy sources.

The product variety and innovation available within the brands housed within the Modinex Group is astounding, and working with their range of brands ensures consistency, more efficient consultations and a unified theme within your project. One example of this innovation are the spectacular timber clad ceilings in this home in Wamberal NSW.  The designer has used Modinex’s Castelation to create a luxe coastal vibe drawing inspiration from the coastal views to create a sweeping, wave like form that mimics the natural world outside whist cleverly creating a smooth transition between high and low ceilinged areas.

An entirely different aesthetic is achieved in the contemporary design of this Bangalow home. The design takes traditional forms, interpreted with a minimalist theme, utilising the organic texture of Modinex’s Beachclad Channel Cladding to create a blank canvas to express contemporary concepts. Described as a ‘love note to the structures of yesteryear’, the family property has strong clean contemporary line whilst the knots and organic qualities of the cedar wood reinforce a rustic connection to nature. Over time the durable wood will naturally silver and age telling the story of the homes evolution over time whilst standing the test of time in the harsh Australian sun.

Working directly with architects, designers engineers, and builders, the Modinex team will assist you to achieve an impressive outcome, and whether a large commercial project or small residential renovation, each and every client receives the same hands-on, reliable support.

To discuss your project or any of Modinex Group’s extensive range of architectural timber solutions Call 1800 156 455 or see the Modinex website www.modinex.com.au