On the eighth day of Christmas, my mother gave to me a timeless family heirloom from the Australian South Sea.

Approaching fashion and contemporary jewellery design with a fresh and knowledgeable perspective, Ikecho is a global phenomenon, sourcing the finest quality pearls from Australia, New Zealand, the South Sea, Tahiti, Japan and China. As the first company to import natural pink pearls to Australia, their reputation for groundbreaking and unique pieces precedes them.

Available in strands or showcased in spectacular settings, Ikecho pearls are an appropriate gift for any loved one at any age. Representing Loyalty, wisdom and everlasting love, they are the present that will be passed down to generations of your family, bringing joy time and time again. But with Ikechos diverse range of stunning products, it can be hard to know what to buy for who.

Christmas gift ideas

On the eight day of Christmas, 9CT YG Broome South Sea 8MM Round Strand


Pearls are the only gem that doesn’t need to be polished or sculpted before being mastered into jewellery, however a converted gemstone, each pearl is unique and unsculpted. The beautiful character of each pearl is characteristically blended into the satisfying symmetry of the classic pearl strand necklace. Often considered the ultimate pearl gift, the simple strands at Ikecho are made with different types, sizes and lustres of pearls and varying signature metal clasps. This 8MM Round Broome South Sea Strand is the perfect gift for any occasion. Minimalist enough that a young girl could wear it on her 16th birthday, or you could wear it at brunch; the strand is an elegant but unmissable piece.

Christmas gift ideas

On the eight day of Christmas, 18CT 10MM Drop Tahitian Huggy Earrings

Ikecho founder Erica Miller has been inspired by her father a well-known international Opal wholesaler, to include Opals into the range of products at Ikecho. The surprising but high compatible combination of Opal and Pearl has a sophisticated effect on the pieces they define. These Light Solid Opal Pear Diamond Hook Earrings with Fresh Water Pearls are more than regal; they are divine. The collaboration of Diamond, Opal and Pearl is tasteful but undeniably luxurious.

Christmas gift ideas

On the eight day of Christmas, Freshwater Pearl Button Bangle


For a more subtle, contemporary piece, Ikecho has an exciting selection of bangles and bracelets. This Freshwater Pearl Button Bangle is a softer, practical design that, despite its modern style, retains an element of timeless beauty. Ideal for a gift of gratitude or a parting gesture, this piece stands as a reminder that they matter to you.

Pearls are the perfect gift. Quietly unique and diverse, they are unique gemstones that become statement or signature pieces. For the finest pearls in Australia this Christmas, look no further than Ikecho.