Making the outdoors even greater – all year round, the Garden Igloo is a fabulous glasshouse style dome which not only looks great but is highly durable, rust proof, weather resistant and super functional.

Custom Homes Magazine

Created by Turkish designer Cagla Isin Alemdar, who experimented for several years with various shapes, colours and materials to develop an affordable garden structure that could be used all year round, the resulting geodesic shape allows sunlight in whilst maintaining a consistent temperature and optimal airflow and keeping the weather out, it is even wind and snow resistant!

The garden igloo is easily set up in a couple of hours and with a diameter of 3.6 meters and height of 2.2 meters there are a myriad of uses for the spacious interior – greenhouse, sunroom, spa cover, romantic twilight dining room, kids playroom, somewhere to sleep under the stars… just let your imagination run wild.

The Garden Igloo can be ordered online at – ships worldwide.