Tastebuds were tantalised in a recent coming together of two creative forces: the culinary team at WA’s Birdie restaurant, and boutique gin distillery Billy Stitch’s extraordinary gin flavour combinations.

Guiding the evening’s festivities was Billy Stitch’s David Hayes, who entertained diners before each course with stories behind the genesis of each exciting flavour from their gin distillery which is produced locally in Baldivis.

The soirée commenced with a welcoming cocktail as guests settled in to enjoy the stunning atmosphere which included long tables decorated with local flowers artfully arranged in repurposed Billy Stitch bottles, showcasing the bottle’s whimsical, retro artwork.

The first course unfolded with the spotlight on Billy Stitch’s signature Dry Gin, accompanied by a tantalising choice of either Sydney Rock Oysters finished with dry gin, caviar and fresh mint, or a vegetarian option in the form of a pickled cucumber roll complemented by whipped feta and a medley of spring vegetables.

For the following course, the bartender created a Blood Orange Summer cocktail, featuring the Billy Stitch Summer Gin, blood orange puree, tonic water, and a hint of lime. Guests were also given the opportunity to sample an extra shot of the gin in its pure form, either as a shooter or as an exciting addition to the cocktail. This harmonious symphony of flavours was paired with cured Esperance Ocean Trout, a zesty skull island prawn ceviche, and accents of black garlic and dill. The vegetarian option was equally appealing with cured heirloom beetroots, finished with goat’s cheese, dried grape tomatoes, black garlic, and aromatic mint.

A refreshing intermezzo arrived in the form of Negroni Sorbet with a twist of blood orange.

Palette cleansed, the pièce de résistance took centre stage, with an Apricot Lemonade infused with Billy Stitch’s Apricot Gin. A departure from convention, this refreshing cocktail featured melded fresh lemonade, soda, succulent raspberries, and a subtle hint of rosemary. Complementing this were Margaret River beef cheeks infused with the exotic flavours of young coconut, lemongrass, pickled shimeji mushrooms, and a touch of chili. Vegetarians were equally pampered with a Forest Mushroom Ragu accompanied by pecorino and herb-infused polenta, crispy enoki mushrooms, and chili jam.

The grand finale, a decadent dessert, featured a dark chocolate mousse crowned with pistachio nougat, raspberry cream, and a medley of berries soaked in Billy Stitch Berry Mojito Gin, leaving indelible memories of a gastronomic adventure beyond compare.

To purchase from Billy Stitch’s range of refreshing gins, go to  billystitch.com.au