Perched high on Hamilton Hill with spectacular views of the Brisbane city skyline, LARC, a luxury custom home by multi-award winning Brisbane builder GRAYA, is a testament to the exceptional skill and commitment this team has to world-class residential construction.

GRAYA is renowned for setting new standards in luxury living with their exceptional projects. Their track record speaks for itself, as they consistently deliver groundbreaking projects that redefine premium residential living through innovative design and superior construction. Selling for an impressive $8 million before construction even began, LARC showcases GRAYA’s ability to create demand and anticipation in the market.

Boasting breathtaking views from every angle, top-of-the-line materials, and unparalleled craftsmanship, LARC represents luxury living at its finest. Strategically angled to maximise its surroundings, and every inch of the 495sqm block, LARC offers panoramic views of the Brisbane River, nestled gracefully within the hillside. The use of timber and travertine both inside and out adds depth and warmth, grounding the home in its natural surroundings while exuding timeless elegance.

At first glance the home’s elevated position makes it apparent that there was considerable technical work required to create this spectacular 6 bedroom 6 bathroom home. The sheer cliff face added considerable challenges to the project, demanding meticulous planning and execution. Bulk excavation required temporary anchors into the rock hill to secure the site and  meticulous scheduling  of trades and coordination were critical in ensuring that project milestones were met.

The street appeal of the home is impressive, and the low profile of the structure ensures that it blends in seamlessly with its surroundings. From the exterior the modern aluminum cladding and suspended planter box instinctively tells you that what’s inside is even more exciting. The extensive curved walls, custom joinery featuring curved stone benchtops and tiles, a kitchen tap handle made out of stone, and a curved glass balustrade added complexity to the construction process but GRAYA’s attention to detail didn’t faulter to ensure of a level of expertise that is rarely seen.

The open plan living area  connects to an expansive terrace with hanging greenery from the planter boxes and stunning views of the water and city. External recessed sun blinds on a timer provide privacy and shade to the home’s interior.

The homes features also included the integration of 1000 metres of LED strip lighting throughout the home, CBUS smart home automation enhancing functionality, mosaic tiles in the steam room and fibre optic twinkle lights in the grout lines are further examples of no expense spared and when it came to the finer details.

LARC is a design, innovation, workmanship, and construction marvel. The attention to detail and technical achievements achieved in this home well and truly positions GRAYA as a luxury custom home builder at the pinnacle of the Australian residential construction.

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A 236 Arthur Street, Teneriffe, QLD 4005