The style and luxury of the Hamptons is classical and timeless, with the affluence of New York easily identifiable; every aspect of the design is unmistakable of the area. Traditionally Hampton homes are retreats from chaos; this theme is evident in their ability to harness light and space comfortably, emphasising smaller items that bring charm and charisma to the room. Many Australian designers have taken this enduring style and adapted it to the Australian landscape to create the ‘Australian Hamptons’. Whether in coastal, urban or rural areas, the style is strikingly well suited to the nature of Australian landscapes.

The majesty of the Hamptons style comes from its reflection of the natural scenery. As an interior designer from Indah Island, Natalee specialises in beachside, Hamptons style decor. She says that specifying the tones and colours of the home is the first consideration when replicating the luxurious style. Soft neutrals and wicker textures are crucial to recreating the scene, and white, beige and subdued blues define the Hamptons feel and create a blank canvas to develop. But the introduction of greys and gentle greens is what makes Australian Hamptons design clean and reflective of the different lifestyles. The adaptability of the new style is demonstrated in her renovation of a rural Toodyay farmhouse in Western Australia. Over an hour and a half away from the coastline, the house still has a coastal feel, but it compliments the bushland that surrounds it.

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Natalee has chosen to work with award-winning market leader Luxaflex® to add innovation and control to the home’s windows. The partnership brings sophistication and simplicity to the design, making it bright and open. The bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry all feature Luxaflex® PolySatin® shutters and Pirouette® shadings which seamlessly add sheers over the blinds ensuring privacy. The introduction of Luxaflex® products changes the home’s structure as walls become windows opening up the house. Fitted with ceiling to floor louvre shutters, beams of controlled sunlight are able to illuminate the home at all hours of the day. They are practical but aesthetic, with a soft matte lustre look and a freshly painted wood finish. Designed and made in Australia, Luxaflex® understands the harsh conditions that the landscape puts building materials through. With this in mind, the non-porous surface of the shutters is well suited to the high humidity of Western Australia. More durable than traditional timber and easier to clean, they are a modern take on an old classic.

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Much like the Hamptons style, Luxaflex® slides and shutters are timeless. Although contemporary and modern, they open up rooms and suit a traditional decor, emphasising its unique aspects while making bold statements. The magnificence of Luxaflex® shades is most evident in the Toodyay property’s sitting room. Here they take advantage of the high ceilings with their width and height, creating a feature wall effect. The use of Powerview® motorisation in living areas, bedrooms, and hallways means occupants can easily control the abundance of daylight. The open space they illuminate allows the home to be adaptable while maintaining the very distinct properties of luxury Hamptons beach houses even in rural Western Australia.

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The neutral tones of the Toodyay home allow the designer to make it their own with personal decorative elements. These more minor decisions make it an inviting space. Natalee has used crisp and cool blues, greens and white in the pillows on the reflective grey lounges to add vibrance and depth. The sisal and jute floor rugs provide a casual, rustic, beach feel, and the gentle brown tones in the wood and rattan furniture are crucial to Hamptons chic. One example of creative expression in Natalee’s work is the individual lighting choices. Unique and innovative, the lights make bold statements and bring a special character to each room. From classic chandeliers to unique turquoise pendants, gentle fun is invoked as the occupant makes their way through the house.

Hamptons Look Interiors

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Balanced by the strategic minimalism of the furniture and the bold symmetry of the Luxaflex® shades, each decision reveals something about the designer that creates an intimate environment. This is an important feature when considering this design style as Hamptons homes usually focus more on family and leisure, and the perception of more minute personal features and decorations immortalise these values.

The style of the home is sophisticated and paired with the brilliance of Luxaflex® blinds and shutters; the property is versatile and glamourous, perfect for Australia’s changing and challenging climate.


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