If you’re a lover of architecture and travel, there is a new website that is sure to thrill you.  Plans Matter is an accommodation rental site for architecture enthusiasts with homes all over the world that have been designed with ‘architectural intention’ that are available as holiday rentals.

Co-Founders Connie Lindor & Scott Muellner  met in architecture school and profess to have been obsessed about design ever since.

“We believe good design can inspire and improve life in both small and large ways. The more we elevate the importance of design, the better our lives (and the world) will be.

When we plan our travel, we search for places to stay that are well designed and authentic. Places that will elevate our experience beyond keeping us warm and dry. Places that have architectural intention and a story to tell. Our goal is to make these places easily available for people to experience on their own.

We created PlansMatter as a place for guests who value exceptional design to find and connect with hosts who have invested in extraordinary architecture.”

Just take a look at some of the extraordinary homes that are available to rent on Plans Matter.

Aufberg Austria

House of Light Japan

Pole House Fairhaven Victoria Australia

Sliding House Canada

Still Bend USA

Stoneflower – Arizona USA

Villa Vals Switzerland

To find your next architectural dream holiday go to www.plansmatter.com