What do you get when a young, vibrant team of architects put together a homeware collection? … TUTU Home. Capturing the essence of modern art in their collection of vases, and rustic sophistication in their range of glassware, the dynamic duo of Beau and Carol Avedissian strive to bring an element of fun into Australian homes.

As successful architects both Beau and Carol have impressive careers already established, and with a strong understanding of art and design, they have created a truly unique collection that is quirky, fun and timeless.

Art truly does imitate life in their projects as they celebrate the female form in “Nue”, recreate the elements of the face in “Visage”, and defy symmetry in the “Nette” vases and “Dansante” series, where light does seem to dance through the hand-blown glasses.




Designer HomewaresDansante

Each piece in their delightful collection reflects the progressive, bright shift in French decor while saluting tradition in several series, such as the “Le Filet d’Or” tea set, which is classically hand-painted and decaled in gold and white.

Designer HomewaresLe Filet d’Or

The practicality of the collection goes beyond its beauty though, from storage to dining, the range is exciting and bold. Bright and charming, the ‘Tutu Home’ collection has something exciting to bring to every home.