The new year often brings new challenges and the looming threat of unfulfilled resolutions. The most common are losing weight, getting fit, and finding love. Who would have thought that all three could be somewhat achieved in an ultra low sugar sparkling wine – Love + Glory’s Tempranillo Rosè!

The themes of Love and Glory have inspired the essence of humanity for eons. Everything
stems back to Love and Glory, tales of heroism and the shared history across nations. These
dramatic values result in romance and yearning and have inspired Nicole and James St Pierre,
founders of McLaren Vale Winery, Love + Glory.  The business has a strong foundation built on a beautiful love story between two individuals from different ends of the worlds with a shared passion for wine.

In 2019 Nicole was eager to leave her New York lifestyle behind. A suppressed desire to discover the art of winemaking simply refused to be ignored any longer and the reputation for Australian wine was calling to her from across continents and oceans. She landed in South Australia and, by chance, met James in his vineyard. Their worlds collided, and they set out to create a new approach to wine, both stepping away from the comfortable and tried traditional attitudes.

James was very well-educated in the world of wine. After helping his family plant the first vines of their vineyard when he was just 10 years old, James grew up in and around wine. But he had a vision and a desire to create his own legacy. When he and Nicole first began to work together they were both looking for healthier lifestyles. They tried endless diets and struggled with their fair share of autoimmune issues exacerbated by dietary choices, but it wasn’t until Nicole found out how much sugar is in the wine that she loves that the idea for a sparkling wine hat was ultra-low in sugar was born. It seemed like the answer to all of their problems and so they undertook the mammoth task of perfecting the product.

Through James’ idea to source premium, sustainable-grown alternative grape varieties, and after several years of trial, error and experimentation and the couple’s unwavering commitment to their cause, they’ve perfected a sparkling wine with only o.2 grams of sugar per bottle!  This has been achieved without the use of any artificial sweeteners and no sugar added at all to the fermentation process.

The words ‘health conscious’ and ‘wine’ rarely go together,  however the Love + Glory Tempranillo Rosè blends these worlds effortlessly, enabling you to indulge in bubbly without  the guilt with only 75 calories a glass. And if you’re concerned about the flavour, the couple are so convinced you’ll love the red fruit flavours and refreshing crisp, dry finish that they provide a money back guarantee!

Made in small batches through a passionate process each bottle is then lovingly packed, with 3% of the revenue from each sale reinvested into local communities via the vineyard’s charitable partner, Fitter For Work.

Perfect for wine lovers who are looking to cut down their sugar intake without giving up t Tempranillo Rosè is a bubbling homage to the things that bring joy and excitement to everyday life and the commemoration of special moments.

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