What is the mark of a quality home? Without doubt it’s the selection of materials and the finishes that really define the home’s calibre. One often overlooked element is the choice of architectural hardware. From door handles to cabinet knobs, these seemingly small details play a pivotal role in the overall aesthetic and functionality of a space.

Being the heart of the home, nowhere is this importance more pronounced than in the kitchen. Here, the fusion of form and function is paramount, with every detail contributing to the atmosphere and efficiency of the space. Choosing beautiful high quality hardware, can elevate not just the visual appeal but also the tactile experience and longevity of your culinary haven.

Over the years, Momo’s commitment to providing well-designed, unpretentious handles gained widespread popularity and trust among designers, cabinet makers and homeowners. However, as consumer demands evolved, Momo Handles recognised the need to adapt and offer a fresh approach that seamlessly balanced style, quality, and accessibility.

In 2019, Momo Handles underwent a significant transformation, unveiling a refreshed brand identity and an inspired new product range. This marked the birth of the New Momo, which quickly gained traction and acclaim in the market. Building on this momentum, Momo Handles introduced exclusive new designs in 2020 under the Momo Premium line, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

Architectural Handles

In their collection of Premium Handles introduces a new range in their Bellevue collection which exudes elegance and sophistication with its new elegant lined texture. This addition complements the existing knurled and plain textures, offering versatility and choice to discerning customers.

The Bellevue collection features a classic and stylish range of bar handles and complementary knobs, complete with optional backplates for added customization. Designed in-house and crafted to exacting standards using solid brass, these handles are poised to elevate any interior space, from modern to traditional.

One standout feature of the Bellevue collection is the inclusion of a stunning appliance pull, designed to make a statement in premium kitchens. Available in five exquisite finishes – each curated to enhance the beauty of any space – the Bellevue range offers versatility and sophistication.

Architectural Handles

With a commitment to quality and design excellence, Momo Handles continues to strive for perfection, aiming to be the jewel in the crown of every kitchen.

As the kitchen remains the heart of every home, Momo Handles invites you to join them on their journey of innovation and inspiration. With the Bellevue collection, Momo Handles sets a new standard for luxury handles, promising to add style and quality to every home.


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