Gregory Croxford - Luxury Home Design Born & raised in the UK, Gregory migrated to Sydney, Australia back in 2013.  Gregory is fourth generation of renowned luxury brassware manufacturer, Armac Martin and owner of Gregory Croxford Living, a boutique importing company, specialising in the distribution of the very finest door, window & cabinet furniture handles.

“Design has come a long way in the past decade, we are seeing creatives operating in all fields; not only fashion but textiles, furniture, lighting & hardware. This is something we have embraced at Armac Martin. Our designers are in-house and original pieces, manufactured in our Birmingham, UK factory. Our raison d’être is to help push the design world forward, creating luxury furniture hardware. Many of our designs would fit in to ‘neo-traditonal’. Borrowing elements of the past, yet at the same time pushing design forward.”

Luxury Door Knobs

The Sparkbrook collection is designed for spaces favouring subtle industrial design accents, precison engineered and hand polished, the quality of the finished article is second to none. Beautifully paired with modern spaces, the Sparkbrook collection features a t-bar, knob and two types of pull handle to enhance cabinet doors and drawers. From matt black to make a bold statement to satin brass to bring a touch of luxury, this collection is available in 21 metal finishes & patinas.

Luxury Home Design

Their products can be found adorning the most prestigious interior schemes, in some of the world’s most luxurious building, palaces, fine hotels, restaurants and embassies and privates residences around the world and clients can take confidence in that it’s a family business have been in manufacturing over 90 years and now exporting all over the world.

“We work closely with architects & designers to assist with specifications of our beautiful products. We are continually developing new designs and new techniques to highlight tone & texture throughout our hardware. Many of our techniques are methods by hand that have been passed down from one generation to the next, something that can’t be repeated elsewhere.”

Luxury Architectural Hardware

Every product of the Armac Martin brand is designed in-house, with meticulous attention given to every detail to ensure that our commitment to design and quality is met time and time again.

The collection of Armac Martin handles includes the following, each a result of precision craftsmanship that meets the company’s own rigorous standards of excellence:

  • Appliance pull handles
  • Furniture handles
  • Furniture hooks and card frames
  • Furniture knobs and T bars
  • Hinges and catches

Ask about partial and fully bespoke design and manufacture services and to learn more about Gregory Croxford Living’s collection of Armac Martin handles and other fixtures at;

Luxury Home Design