Yaskulsky is born of sparkling skylines, artisanal heritage, and bold desires. While you were sleeping, Yaskjulsky changed the status quo.Yaskulsky creations pay tribute to those seeking perfection in an imperfect world.

Leaving no extravagant desire unsatisfied, combining lavish styles and classic silhouettes with some of the world’s most precious leathers, it’s your turn to discover Yaskulsky’s range of exquisite bags and accessories, custom-made to order for those with discerning taste.

Luxury Handbags

Varsovia – Serpent Temptation

Luxury Handbags 1

Varsovia Mini Emerald

Luxury Handbags 7

Sceptre Nicotine

Luxury Handbags 5

Sceptre – Gunmetal Black

Luxury Handbags 3

Luxury Handbags 2

Sceptre Charcoal

Luxury Handbags 6

Varsovia – Guilty Pleasure

Luxury Handbags 4

‘Yaskulsky’ comes from the word for swallow – a bird symbolically connected to forward motion and change. With the rise of Yaskulsky comes a shift in fashion.  See more at yaskulsky.com


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