Meticulously hand-crafted by artisans, the process of creating Mardegan Legno’s timber flooring is the work of many hands, each plank individually treated by master craftsman to create their exquisite range of bespoke flooring, resulting in a finish that adds luxury and character to every project.

Any premium product naturally starts with superior quality materials which is why Mardegan Legno utilise ‘Noble wood’, in the creation of their flooring, a term that refers to Slavonian and Hungarian Oaks. More than just a term describing the established trees, Slavonian and Hungarian varieties gained notoriety due to their connections with European nobility. The legacy of the wood goes as far back to Napoleon and his notorious naval fleet.

The product undergoes extensive cultivation, harvesting and treatment to achieve the inspired results seen in their range. Each stage is fuelled by a deep respect for the ancient, artisanal art of woodworking, passing knowledge and appreciation for timber’s natural beauty down through the generations and employing traditional techniques and values to the crafting process.

Giuseppe Mardegan has tirelessly researched and developed a passion for colour, and the broad spectrum of tones available in their extensive range is just one factor that makes Mardegan Legno flooring stand above the rest. Each shade results from superimposing different nuances and strategic layering of the brush, spray or ragged-on application, this ensures of quality, consistency and uniqueness that cannot be replicated by any machine.

Mardegan Legno is renowned for unique designs and unmatched quality –designed to last not just one but many lifetimes. Each floor created has a unique colour, finish and design that tells the story of the noble oak and the ancient forest it grew and its evolution to reflect the home that it serves.

In this Rose Bay project, a moody ambiance has been achieved in the home’s contemporary interior with Mardegan Legno sandblasted Slovanian Oak in ‘West side’, beautifully complementing the luxurious kitchen’s cabinetry and creating contrast with the white walls to define spaces. Engineered into several complex designs like the elliptical staircase, the continuation of the flooring creates unity and balance throughout the home as well as adding a rich warmth to the interiors.

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