In true artisan style, Mardegan Legno have an ancient understanding about quality timber and a passion for exquisite handcrafted products that has been passed down from generation to generation, father to son. This passion translated into exquisite timber flooring has the power to transform the ordinary into extraordinary as is the case in this beautiful beachside residence.

Balmoral Beach is arguably one of Sydney’s most desirable locations, offering a safe harbour from harsh winds and big waves it encourages a relaxed luxury lifestyle that has been beautifully expressed in this new home which features exquisite Quadrette Parquetry in A Grade Slavonian Oak timber by Mardegan Legno.

Luxury Timber Flooring

Sourced from Hungarian forests the Slavonian and Hungarian wood has a noble history of producing wine barrels and furniture for European aristocracy. It wasn’t until the 60’s that the timber was first used in residential homes. Handcrafted into exclusive panels by Mardegno Legno, each floor is a symbol of sophisticated excellence. Entirely free from formaldehyde and other toxic substances used in many timber floors Mardegan Legno use special organic oil based mixtures and UV dried water based varnishes to ensure a safer more sustainable product that retains the characteristics of a luxury timber floor with less maintenance.

Luxury Timber Flooring 2

Luxury Timber Flooring 3

Handcrafted by Mardegan Legno, the timber is treated with a unique sandblasting technique that makes it more durable and scratch resistant as the soft surface material is removed without damaging the product. The floor has been finished with matt “Quercia Platino” colour which has also been used on the borders and mouldings to create a soft shine that protects the floor and gives it a subtle polished appearance. Overall the effect is one of understated luxury that perfectly complements the coastal location.

With the raw texture of the wood enhanced by the sandblasting process the timber is worked into intricate geometric patterns and fluid curves that add dimension to each space and ensure the floor is the stand-out feature of the home.

Luxury Timber Flooring 4

Luxury Timber Flooring 5

Luxury Timber Flooring 6

Luxury Timber Flooring 7

Luxury Timber Flooring 8

Luxury Timber Flooring 9

The seamless blend and contrast of different tones in each panel is reflective of Mardegan Legno’s ability to beautifully convey emotion through colour and form and from the perfect curves to precise symmetrical patterns the flooring of this home is a flawless example of fine artistry.

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