“A stunning heritage home in Sydney’s East is transformed into a luxe, modern haven by interior designer Brendan Wong.”

As you approach this grand, 150-year-old heritage house in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, you would be forgiven for expecting a complete Victorian Era cliché. What awaits inside is anything but – a stunning renovation delivered by interior designer Brendan Wong.  This is a lesson in heritage sensitivity meets clever contemporary luxury.

The bold colour hits you first – not in a garish way, but due to the seamless, powerful use of it.  The house is full of rich, regal tones that evoke the grandeur of the building in a modern way. Think deep emeralds and mustard yellows, hues that sing as they play off cool bronze accents, all from a luxe, neutral base.

Adding to the high impact interior is Brendan’s expert curation of statement furniture and décor – many of which are custom made. A gem-like console in the entry foyer, hand-cut and faceted mirrors, or the geometric chandeliers that protrude from ornate ceiling roses.  The house is punctuated by these visual highs, while their treatment and placement make them seem natural and effortless.

Undeniably this home ushers in modern eclecticism. Not the quirky, mixed style we once knew, but an altogether more sophisticated and contemporary interior attitude. Depth of detail reigns supreme; from contrasting textures like a clear lucite desk amongst plush, velvety chairs, or the similar, but not matched, patterns of soft furnishings in the bedroom. There are always new harmonies to be discovered.

This is the Brendan Wong signature: unexpected interiors that continue to delight, no matter how long you spend inside. The home officially has a new life. Pulled together by an incredibly skilled hand, it is now full of nuanced spaces that give a fresh take on luxury, intended to both wow and welcome you.

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