Featuring prominently throughout this home in Sydney’s Denham Court, is an extensive array of EGGER decorative products from ForestOne. Adding an organic quality to the contemporary spaces, and with the brand’s conscious approach to environmental impact, the surfaces emerge as the perfect choice to infuse the interiors with a touch of timber’s elegance.

Beautifully crafted, the kitchen of the home is a serene sanctuary. Flooded in natural light the neutral palette incorporates EGGER Eurolight panels and Dark Rillington Oak flooring (currently a part of the International range) which has been laid in a herringbone pattern, which serves to ground the space.

Enhanced by MEGANITE Acrylic Solid Surface, the materials selection speaks of simple sophistication whilst embodying ethical sourcing practices.

Within the bathroom, a pared-back palette reigns, composed of EGGER decor panels in Angora Grey and Natural Halifax Oak, accompanied by MEGANITE’s Acrylic Solid Surface in Snow White.

The finish of the bathroom vanities is a canvas of character, with winding knots and artfully weathered woodgrain, mirroring the appearance and tactile sensation of timber slabs, evoking a coastal aesthetic.

Stepping into the outdoor barbeque area, the Snow White decor by MEGANITE harmonises beautifully with Weathertex Weathergroove timber cladding panels that provide the backdrop. The outcome is a stylish alfresco space that transitions from indoor to outdoor.

Marrying conscientious material selection from ForestOne, this home emerges as a personalised haven, blending mindful construction with sophisticated style.

Photographer: Joanne Ly


  • Panels: 18mm panels in EGGER Angora Grey and Natural Halifax Oak (Used in all bathroom vanities)
  • Shelving: EGGER Eurolight panels in Natural Halifax Oak (Found in pantry, study, and master bedroom’s window seat)
  • Flooring: EGGER GreenTec Flooring in Dark Rilington Oak from the International range (Found on Lower Ground floor and 2nd floor)
  • MEGANITE in Snow White (Found in bathroom vanities and outdoor BBQ area)
  • Weathertex Weathergroove 75mm (Segments of outdoor façade painted black, outdoor BBQ wall painted white)

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