TECElux is the toilet terminal for all toilet functions of today—and tomorrow.

Press and flush was yesterday. The toilet of today can do so much more: Rinse and blow dry, purify the air, and flush automatically. But often, the aesthetics are sacrificed for other benefits. TECE has now created a form that unites all functions.

TECElux places the system components behind the wall, where they are invisible. An extremely flat glass facing closes the inspection opening and conceals the cistern. The connections for water and power are concealed behind the glass facing as well as optional odour trap and height adjustments.

Features of the TECElux include:

  • LED “sen-Touch” flushing system-the buttons illuminate as you approach the terminal & flush operates electronically
  • An invisible ”ceramic-Air” air freshening/odour extracting device located behind the glass panel
  • The “m-Lift” function allowing you to adjust the height of the ceramic pan, even after installation
  • Easy access panel to allow upgrades and maintenance on all these features inside the wall
  • With its simple aesthetics, TECElux blends in beautifully with the architecture of any bathroom.