Metricon Unveils Trendsetting 'Modern Farmhouse' Lookbook for Contemporary Living

While traditional farmhouse interiors often evoke images of rustic charm with weathered wood and vintage decor, Metricon is charting a new course in this design aesthetic with its 28th lookbook theme, ‘Modern Farmhouse.’ Departing from the conventional, the Modern Farmhouse look marries the enduring appeal of country living with a contemporary edge, offering a fresh and invigorating interpretation of the farmhouse style.

Expressing her pride in the team and the latest Lookbook, Lisa Goodsall, Metricon’s National Display Home & Studio M Retail Manager, remarked, “This aesthetic radiates an inviting warmth, skillfully weaving together traditional nuances and organic elements to craft an atmosphere of luxurious comfort.”

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Whether you’re passionate about interior design, embarking on the journey to build your dream home, or simply seeking fresh inspiration, look no further than Metricon’s latest Modern Farmhouse Lookbook theme.

Metricon’s ‘Modern Farmhouse’ look pays homage to the traditions of country style living, with natural materials and rustic elements, beautifully incorporated into the clean lines of modern architecture, resulting in a harmonious atmosphere that captivate the soul and the senses.

Implementing this look in your new home is made uncomplicated and convenient with Metricon’s state-of-the-art selection center, Studio M. Offering access to a vast range of the latest on-trend products, customers can effortlessly customise their homes by curating key elements with the help of Metricon’s expert Interior Design Consultants.

Bedroom with Modern Farmhouse Look

Lisa emphasised, “Our team of qualified interior designers guides customers through the entire process, helping them select colors, textures, finishes, fittings, and fixtures.”

To explore design tips and tricks for each room and bring the Modern Farmhouse style to life, check out Metricon’s interactive online Lookbook at