Building your dream home is one of the most exciting journeys you can undertake and one that also comes with possibly the most significant financial investment of your life, consequently, choosing the right custom home builder for your project can feel like an overwhelming task. For nearly two decades, Custom Homes has focused on showcasing beautiful custom home projects from some of Australia’s top custom home builders, aiming to make the process of finding and choosing a builder for your dream home as easy as possible.

Our site showcases hundreds of outstanding luxury custom homes to excite and inspire and to help you narrow down the selection process we have compiled a list of qualities you should look for in your chosen custom builder.

1. Custom Building Experience and Expertise

In Australia there are literally thousands of registered builders, however when it comes to building a ‘custom home’, experience is what matters. Look for a custom home builder with a proven track record in the industry and one with experience in building unique, architectural homes.  An experienced builder will have a portfolio of completed projects and it is their hands-on experience that translates to the expertise required to handle the challenges that often come with custom home construction. Our portal features some of Australia’s most awarded custom builders, consistently at the top of their game. Take a look below at some award-winning custom homes featured on this site.

2. Flexibility of Custom Home Styles

A  custom  home is one that is tailored to your own unique needs, desires and taste, and in creating a home like this you need to work with a builder that does not have a cookie-cutter approach to new home construction. The builder you choose should be open to listening to all your ideas and really try to understand the vision that you have for your dream home. Whilst guiding you with their experience, your builder should be a partner in bringing your unique vision to life and be prepared to integrate custom features that you know  Take a look at custom homes of specific styles by searching on our home page for the aesthetic that appeals to you, eg: mid-century modern, French provincial, industrial.



3. Excellent Communication Skills

One of the most important aspects of any relationship is clear and open communication and taking into consideration that some luxury custom homes take several years  to complete, a builder with exceptional communication skills is absolutely essential. During the initial consultative process assess how effective your builder is at listening and taking on board your ideas. Do you feel they truly understand the vision that you have for your new home?  Did they address any questions and queries you had appropriately? What is their process for updating you on progress of your home’s completion?

4. Quality Craftsmanship & Attention to Detail

So you’ve built a rapport with a builder who you feel may be the right choice to build your dream home,  you’ve reviewed their portfolio and so far you like what you’ve seen. The next step is to ask to see their work in person. Unlike project builders who often have display homes to showcase their latest design, custom home builders will often organise for you to walk through the home of one of their recent clients in order to view the quality of their workmanship. When doing so, it’s important to not just consider the design but the attention to detail that has been paid when finishing various aspects of the home. Are the finishes flawless? Take a look at areas such as where ceilings and floors meet walls and the quality of craftsmanship in kitchen and bathroom areas. Building a custom home is usually a considerable investment and you therefore want to engage a builder that will treat your home with the same care and consideration as if they were constructing their own. Quality finishes come from great attention to detail and it is the quality that sets a custom home apart from an ordinary home and makes it truly special.

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5. References and Testimonials

If not willingly offered, ask your builder for several references from past or existing clients. Take your time to speak to the clients and ask them about the experience with the builder. Was the project delivered on time and on budget? What was the communication like during the building process, were they kept regularly informed as to what was going on? If they could do it over again, would they choose the same builder? if so why, if not why not? Also take a look online for any reviews, if you see anything of concern, speak with the builder about it and give them an opportunity to address your concerns.

6. Transparency and Trustworthiness

In any business relationship it’s imperative to have a clear understanding about what exactly you are paying for. Your builder should be completely transparent about costs, timelines, and accurately inform you of any potential issues that may arise. When it’s your dream home, you want to feel assured that you are working with someone that has your best interest at heart – someone you can trust with your ‘dream’. The decision to proceed should never be made on price alone, you must consider a myriad of factors and the primary and most important factor is feeling a sense of trustworthiness from your builder that they are honorable and will act with integrity.


7. Have Local Knowledge

Although a great builder can build an outstanding home anywhere, it’s often helpful to work with a builder who regularly builds homes in the area of your building site. They will consequently be familiar with local building codes and regulations, have had previous dealings with councils and development bodies and also be aware of  any specific topographical or climate issues that need to be taken into consideration. This familiarity can help to streamline the construction process and avoid potential delays or issues. Find a custom home builder in Perth. Find a custom home builder on the Gold Coast.

8. Financial Stability

In recent times there has been considerable scare-mongering by the media about the volatility of the building industry but don’t allow this to deter you from building your dream home, as there are ways to safeguard your investment and one of the best is to ensure you undertake appropriate initial research into your chosen builder. Check business registers for the company and Director’s names for any court action or bankruptcies. Check the status of current builds, does the builder currently have many incomplete projects or projects that have been substantially delayed? Discuss any concerns with the builder and always review insurance options to cover your build.

9. Creativity and Innovation

With a growing trend towards sustainable homes and solar passive design, you should always consider whether your preferred custom home builder is open to creative and innovative ideas. A great builder will offer suggestions and solutions to enhance your design to make your dream home even more exceptional than you imagined.

The above are some of the most important qualities you should look for when selecting the perfect custom home builder for your new home. However, do not forget to always trust your gut instinct and you’ll be guaranteed of selecting the perfect builder to transform the vision of your dream home into a reality.

Begin your search today to find the ideal custom home builder for your custom home project.  Your dream home starts here.