Visionnaire, led by CEO and co-founder Leo Cavalli, presents their ambitious project, VOLARE, a luxury villa in Dubai that encapsulates the essence of imagination and visionary thinking. The name Volare, borrowed from the renowned song by Modugno, symbolises the act of soaring above to gain a broader perspective, nurturing visions, and embracing a creative mindset. The project represents an unparalleled endeavour within the industry, embodying the innovative design approach that defines Visionnaire.

Throughout its 18-year evolution, Visionnaire has remained committed to innovation and a deep appreciation for the essence of each location. The company’s unique language unifies diverse materials and design elements that had previously not been combined in a single product or setting. Leo Cavalli acknowledges the influence of their clients in driving the brand’s growth, expanding from kitchens to bathrooms, outdoor furnishings, and now evolving into architecture, delivering a coherent storytelling experience that allows a home to fully embody their owners’ personalities.

Conceived in collaboration with renowned designer Alessandro La Spada, Volare will grace the shores of the Bulgari Compound in Dubai, encompassing an impressive 2000 square meters. Scheduled for completion in 2024, the villa promises to be an iconic structure that captivates with its striking aesthetic. The seamless integration of exterior materials and colours continues within, establishing a harmonious language that respectfully embraces the ‘genius loci’. This groundbreaking approach sets a new benchmark in the realm of luxury real estate.

Volare, as a residential concept, exemplifies Visionnaire’s dedication to portraying a genuine philosophy of living inspired by the Japanese term “yugen”. This aesthetic experience captures beauty that is subtly suggested rather than overtly displayed, requiring attentive contemplation and sensitivity to fully appreciate. Volare serves as a manifesto for the contemporary home, embracing the idea that a project’s container should be shaped by its content, reflecting the emotions of its inhabitants rather than solely adhering to architectural functions.

The Volare project thrives on meticulous attention to detail, extending even to the creation of a distinctive olfactory identity for the spaces. Visionnaire, in collaboration with Antonella Bondi, has crafted an exclusive fragrance specifically for this project, conducting extensive research into the identities of places, objects, and materials. This olfactory element adds an immersive sensory dimension to the overall experience. Volare by Visionnaire is poised to redefine luxury living, transcending conventional boundaries to create a harmonious blend of design, emotion, and sensory engagement.

Further information regarding project opportunities and furniture featured in this unique branded project is available by contacting the Visionnaire Home Philosophy Sydney showroom.

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