Art Deco is a re-emerging interior design style that poses a challenge to many designers. It takes a truly skilled professional, to interpret it with modernity and achieve a look that flawlessly combines Art Deco with modern lifestyles as leading interior designer, Greg Natale has done in the Bondi Beach Apartment.

Working with an original 1970’s residence, Greg has allowed the stunning ocean backdrop to inspire the design for the 3 bedroom, 2 bedroom floorplan and a colour palette of vintage blue combined with splashes of burnt orange and other pastels, that embrace both the coastal location and the art deco aesthetic.

The renovation and remodel, designed by Greg, included removing internal walls to create an open-plan living space as well as introducing curves to enhance the feeling of spaciousness, these can be seen in the arched doorways, joinery and furniture choices that include both modern and mid-century pieces. Achieving the highly polished finish required meticulous planning and careful material selection. The decision to use Mardegan Legno’s luxury timber flooring in Slavonian Oak and a white washed tone, (Picasso – click to view online) adds to the timeless elegance of the design whilst also reflecting what one might expect from a stylish coastal abode.


Lovingly crafted, free from the use of toxins and harmful substances, Mardegan Legno timber products are hand assembled with non-toxic vinyl glues and finished with a water-based, formaldehyde-free varnish. Through a protective nano-coating, the luxurious timber flooring is built to last, and the subtle gloss finish is preserved through everyday life. The ‘Picasso’ colour choice beautifully complements the pale teal and pink colour palette whilst not detracting from the curated furniture and ensures the apartment flooring is suitable for modern living without compromising the style and design of the Art Deco theme.

This subtle organic grain is most evident in the herringbone pattern seen in the front entrance to the apartment and is carried through the living room and down the hall. This texture and animation within the home is a salute to seaside living and is an excellent example of how Mardegan’s products can defy the expectations of a timber floor and adapt to any interior style.

Slavonian oak is one of the most sustainable timber products on the market. Strong, established, and quality, it is one of the true, noble oaks. Sourced directly from Europe, Mardegan Legno has a strict process of selecting only the finest timbers and using their platform to plant new trees that, as they mature, create a forest environment.

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Photos by Anson Smart