Working on a finished home is often a difficult task; how much do you leave, how much do you take away and how far do you let your imagination go. The team at Empire Building Company knows the balance. In their recent transformation of one Attadale home, they have shown their adaptability and mastery of all things design and build related.

The perfect blend of style and comfort of the dated brick home needed a makeover, and with solid foundations, the clients felt they could go forward with a renovation of the existing home rather than a complete rebuild. Empire Building Company’s impressive display home “Le Chateau” was the deciding factor in convincing the owners of one Attadale residence to place their faith in the team. The resulting masterpiece can now be added to the team’s impressive portfolio.

By stripping the home’s facade down to its foundations, the team could update the outdated exterior and create a contemporary masterpiece that will age much more successfully. Soothing white and grey tones have replaced the old cream bricks and tiles, and the effect is astounding. The majesty of the new design is exposed by the contrasting styles and colours against the crisp white body of the house. Natural textures in the decorative stone tiled pillars, the reflective grey Colorbond roof and vibrant red door make the home stand out in a class of its own. Even at first glance, it’s clear that this is a space dedicated to unwinding and enjoying life.

Luxury Renovations Perth 1Attadale before
Luxury Renovations Perth 2Attadale after

Empire Building Company goes above and beyond when working with the client’s lifestyle and needs. The Attadale clients were transitioning from farm life to full-time city living and retirement. The consideration of this circumstance is evident in the generous communal spaces that unify the home and the open, soothing structure of the house.

After removing some internal walls and introducing more specific additions such as Velux skylights, the property has been opened up, transforming it from a dark, withdrawn house into a vibrant, modern home. The expert designers have done this to protect the privacy of the inhabitants and allow them to view and live within the scenery around them. Reminiscent of the Australian landscape with beautiful trees and open skylines, this is a lovely tribute to the clients’ working lives.

City living is stereotypically more cramped than residing in the country. Yet, Empire Building has managed to deliver a substantial, spacious residence, making the most of the area in two master bedrooms, two spare rooms, a study and large dining and entertainment spaces. By adding an extra car space in the lock-up garage and removing the very dated kidney pool, they have tapped into the potential of the space surrounding the home. The new design leaves room for a sizeable above-ground spa and deck and a fully equipped alfresco area that features cabinetry, stone tops, sink, fridge, BBQ and rangehood. Using natural tones and textures, the property is designed to make residents and guests feel at ease from entrance to exit.

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Luxury Renovations Perth 4

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Luxury Renovations Perth 8

The Attadale transformation is just one example of the beautiful and personal work that Empire Building Company can achieve. Given the opportunity to show off their capability on a two-story project in desperate need of a facelift, they have delivered a brand new home that complements the scenery and the occupants. Able to transform any unfashionable, closed-off home into a contemporary haven, they rise above the challenge and deliver re-energised spaces.

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