Lighting is possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of interior and exterior design and yet it plays a crucial role in creating your home’s overall aesthetic. Offering so much more than just the ability to illuminate dark spaces, lighting can help define style, highlight design features and most importantly it creates ambiance, transforming cold, unappealing spaces into warm and inviting ones.

Lead by lighting designer Steve Holland who has over 35 years industry experience, the HS Reflections design team provide a ‘by appointment’ consultation service to help create beautiful lighting solutions for your new home. The process begins by reviewing your home or building plans and finding out more about how you live in your home. This includes the tones and colours you enjoy and the style of lighting that both appeals to you and will suit your home. The HS Reflections team will then guide you toward light fixtures and fittings within your budget and can design the lighting for anything from a single room right through to your entire home and landscape. They can even custom design pendants and chandeliers to suit a specific space.

From lighting that acts as a striking focal point within the home to that which is entirely concealed – elegantly highlighting architectural features, HS Reflections are Perth’s lighting experts.

As a collaborative partner, HS Reflections work with some of Perth’s leading architects, builders and designers, and the HS Reflection’s Malaga showroom showcases the entire Unios range of lighting as well as lighting from US brands Hinkley and Hubbardton Forge. The showroom offers space to relax whilst you peruse thousands more lighting options that are available in numerous supplier catalogues varying from cutting edge contemporary lighting to traditional styles to sui Hamptons and French Provincial style homes.

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