Crafting Distinctive Homes for the Discerning Individual
Welcome to Chateau, where over half a century of tradition blends with contemporary innovation to create not just homes, but legacies. Our journey, rooted in the heart of Sydney since 1969, is a story of passion, precision, and the pursuit of excellence.

We’re more than just builders; we’re partners in turning your dreams into tangible, awe-inspiring realities that reflect your achievements.

Our journey is marked by a dedication to excellence, recognised by over 25 industry accolades and awards since 2018, including the prestigious 2023 NSW Master Builder of the Year and NSW HIA 2023 Home of the Year.

These awards are not just honours; they are the embodiment of trust our clients place in us and our unwavering dedication to quality and design.

For Busy Professionals with High Standards
We understand that your time is invaluable and your standards are uncompromising.

That’s why our award-winning process is tailored to respect your busy lifestyle, ensuring every detail is meticulously managed. From the first sketch to the moment, you step into your dream home.

With Chateau, you’re not just commissioning a home; you’re entrusting us with the canvas of your life’s work. Our master architects and builders are dedicated to crafting a sanctuary that is a true testament to your unique identity, a home that stands as a legacy for generations to come.

Transparent, Streamlined, and Stress-Free
The path to building your custom home should be clear and free of surprises. Our integrated approach, combining architects, builders, designers and cost consultants under one roof, ensures a harmonious process from start to finish. We promise transparency at every stage, safeguarding your investment from unforeseen expenses and complications.

Our reputation is built on trust, quality, and a commitment to excellence. We don’t just build homes; we uphold the legacy of the Chateau name, synonymous with distinction in every detail. Our half-century legacy is evident in every project we undertake, always delivered on time and within your budget.


56 Cecil Avenue
Castle Hill,
Sydney, 2154 

P: 1300 347 128