How does one turn a Heritage-listed building into a modern, stylish commercial space without losing the elegance of its history?  Ask Perth interior designer Sharon Wiley from Seven Willows Design

The recently completed renovation of an Ord street office block is a bright and refreshing fusion of classic techniques and contemporary finishes. The introduction of vibrant but sophisticated colours like champagne gold and deep navy blue in the bathrooms and kitchenette and pale purple and celadon green in the foyer and workspaces reflects the hues in the traditional stained glass windows. These striking combinations make the atmosphere welcoming and professional while tying together the different periods of the building.

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After teaming up with AE Hoskins Building Contractors, Seven Willows Design has created an open space that meets the needs of its workers sustainably – as it has been fitted with solar panels and an external car battery charging port. Natural light floods the complex in every room and is met perfectly with artificial light that gently complements the custom interiors.

The renovation stars are the bathrooms that stand out brilliantly with stunning contrasts between magnificent whites and royal blue, and the upstairs seating area that is framed by a deep blue lounge colour matched by a modern hanging light fixture and purple, fashionable winged chairs. The occupants of Seven Willows Ord Street renovation will be working in sophisticated luxury that is sure to brighten their day and their business atmosphere.

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