On the third day of Christmas, my Chakras gave to me, power, peace and confidence. Positive energy.

Tapping into the power and spirituality of precious stones and gems, Evoka jewellery draws into the deep pool of femininity. Maximizing the potential of their artful pieces, the jewellery is divided into themes such as ‘Wild’, ‘Power’ ‘Love’ and ‘Bliss’ which indicate the benefits the stones may have on your life. From bespoke, luxurious pieces like the 10KT yellow gold diamond, emeral cut citrine earrings from the power range to the softer Amethyst necklaces from the bliss range Evoka Jewellery has the perfect item to inspire the goddess in your life no matter the budget.

Suppose you’re looking to spark passion back into your life or the lives of the ones you love. In that case, the introduction of sunset orange Brandy citrine or Rose Quartz is guaranteed to bring intense emotion and energy into the daily routine. The dramatic, contemporary Sterling Silver Crystal Oval Brandy Citrine Ring is bold and bright. This ring makes a statement and embraces sensuality, desire and above all, passion.

Featuring varying stones in shades of stunning green, the ‘Love’ range connects to the heart lines and generates positivity towards the important people in your life. Encompassing humility, harmony and devotion, the 14Kt White Gold, Diamond, Emerald push back earrings are a lavish but subtle statement of love. Healthy, healing, and whole these earrings connect the wearer to the unconditional, compassionate and forgiving nature of mother earth.

If you are looking for a multifaceted approach to spiritual inspiration, you cannot go past the Two-tone Yellow and White Gold Diamond, Sapphire and Opal Pendant Slider. Deep blue and rich turquoise are accentuated by rainbow facets in the divine diamonds, and it is all tied together by the subtle gold. The limited-edition piece is said to evoke productivity and replace confusion and pain with imagination and celebration. As part of the ‘Souvereign’ Collection, the piece reflects the couture settings and illuminates the beauty of unparalleled precious stones.

Evoka Jewellery owners Claudio and Natalie are a husband and wife duo who have nurtured the growth and beauty of women all over the world; quite literally as their beautiful business operates out of luxury cruise liners. Inspired by Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, time-honoured and contemporary styles, their otherworldy pieces are designed to channel positive energy into the wearer’s life. This is achieved by fine art scholar Natalie’s expertise in gemmology and Claudios passion for creativity which he pours into every aspect of his design and spiritual seeking.

Jewellery Gift Ideas1

On the third day of Christmas,Sterling Silver Crystal Oval Brandy Citrine Ring


Jewellery Gift Ideas2

On the third day of Christmas, 14KT White Gold Diamond Emerald Push Back Earrings


Jewellery Gift Ideas3

On the third day of Christmas, 14KT two tone yellow white gold diamond sapphire opal pendant slider


Jewellery Gift Ideas
On the third day of Christmas, Sterling silver moon stone blue topaz cluster bracelet
Jewellery Gift Ideas
On the third day of Christmas, 10KT yellow gold diamond emerald ruby ring


Jewellery Gift Ideas
On the third day of Christmas, 10KT yellow gold coral pearl ring
Jewellery Gift Ideas
On the third day of Christmas, 14KT white gold diamond ruby push back earrings


If you’re looking to make a statement this Christmas with a gift that continues to give, explore the wide range of pieces Evoka Jewellery has curated.

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