An exquisite fusion of art and culture, Designer Rugs latest collection – Warlukurlangu references the profound connection of indigenous artists to the land and their ancestral stories. Each luxurious handcrafted rug tells a unique story, with the collection of eight also a reflection of Australia’s diverse landscape.

Designer Rugs’ collaboration with Warlukurlangu Artists, a long-running Aboriginal-owned art centre in Central Australia features the work from Judy Napangardi Watson and Mary Anne Nampijunpa Michaels, who convey their connection to the land through their artwork. Judy Napangardi Watson distinctive artistic style, known as “dragged dotting,” with vibrant colors and intricate details. Her paintings frequently depict the captivating landscapes of the Mina Mina country. Mary Anne Nampijunpa Michaels’s globally recognised work is inspired by the ancestral stories of her father, which were intricately connected to the land.

Warlukurlangu Artists stands as one of Central Australia’s enduring and successful indigenous-owned art centres. Located in the communities of Yuendumu and Nyirripi, and it plays a vital role in bringing these communities together through art. The name “Warlukurlangu” carries deep cultural significance as it signifies “belonging to fire” in the local Warlpiri language. This name pays homage to a fire dreaming site located to the west of Yuendumu.

This latest Designer Rugs collection truly celebrates the works of both artists with eight bold statement rugs meticulously hand-tufted using 100% New Zealand wool. Each of the eight designs can be personalised in terms of size, shape, and colour to beautifully complement a wide range of settings from intimate residential to expansive commercial spaces whilst maintaining the artistic integrity of the original artwork.


by Mary Anne Nampijunpa Michaels 200cm x 300cm

The original artwork encapsulates the captivating narrative of the Rainbow Serpent’s travels
among different rock holes. Rooted in ancestral stories, the artwork depicts a chilling account
where the Rainbow Serpent emerged from the depths of the waterhole, devouring the women
and children who were innocently enjoying its waters.


by Mary Anne Nampijunpa Michaels 200cm x 300cm

Inspired by rock holes situated near Lake Hazle in Western Australia, approximately 90km northwest of Lake Mackay. The rock hole holds significant importance as a primary water source, while the surrounding region is abundant in support live.


by Mary Anne Nampijunpa Michaels 200cm x 300cm

Inspired by the sand hills in the region, this artwork is displays Mary Anne Nampijunpa’s showcases her profound connection to the land.

Lappi Lappi

by Mary Anne Nampijunpa Michaels 200cm x 300cm

Drawing inspiration from the rock holes present in the region and the distinctive characteristics of their surroundings, Mary Anne Nampijunpa’s artwork captures the essence of these natural formations.


by Judy Napangardi Watson 200cm x 300cm

Janyinki presents a visual representation of the Janyinki area, intricately intertwined with the ceremonial stories and traditions of its people.


by Judy Napangardi Watson 240cm x 300cm

The original artwork vividly portrays a ceremonial dancing skirt, showcasing a vibrant array of colors. Judy Napangardi Watson’s skillful use of vivid hues brings the skirt to life, capturing the essence and energy of the ceremonial dance.

Mina Mina

by Judy Napangardi Watson 200cm x 300cm

Mina Mina relates to a major Women’s Dreaming site that is sacred to Warlpiri women.


by Judy Napangardi Watson 200cm x 300cm

The original artwork is inspired by the journey of the ‘ngalyipi’ vine and the ‘kurrkara’ trees, also known as desert oaks. The artwork beautifully captures the image of the sacred ngalyipi vine winding its way up the trunks and limbs of the kurrkara trees.


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