Inject nature-inspired serenity into the heart and soul of your home with the newest collection by Caesarstone. The ‘Whitelight’ Collection features eight new stone styles and demonstrates the versatility of often understated ‘White’.

The key beauty of pure white stone with rich veins is the element of visual depth they convey while maintaining the perfectly smooth, easily maintained surface of a benchtop or table. This unique texture creates a story of movement and truth, carrying observers through a remarkable journey. From minimalist delicate veins of Aterra Blanca 5112 to the broad networks in Calcatta Maximus 5114, the rich tones seep through the stone in soft or bold waves.

Engineered Stone
Aterra Blanca
Engineered Stone
Calcatta Maximus

The new collection includes a variety of stone styles that use precise differences to reflect specific emotions and themes. One example of this is the compatibility of the White Attica 5143 stone when used in coastal Hamptons or resort-style settings, which rely on crisp whites, soft blues and airy warmth of timber. On the other end of the spectrum, the fine subtlety of Adamina 5222 is reflective of sandy shades capturing the touch of the setting sun on a golden dune or the serenity of a desert. Drawing a tender sentiment into each room, the pale, undulating waves of tonality in Adamina 5222 make it perhaps the most peaceful and straightforward in the range. Each style is crafted and fitted to inspire and express the emotion that comes with durable marble and quartz designs.

Engineered Stone
White Attica
Engineered Stone

Made from up to 90% natural quartz, the pieces are scratch, stain and heat resistant. As nonporous materials, they are incredibly hard to penetrate and easy to clean, making them a more sustainable and hygienic choice. Timeless and trendy, the premium quartz is painstakingly handcrafted to evoke calm in any space.

Engineered Stone
Empira White
Engineered StoneArabetto
Engineered Stone
Statuario Maximus

Creating balance and contrast, the harmonious Whitelight collection works well in any setting. Diversified and unique, each style has the potential to be a showstopping piece or the final touch that unifies the existing elements in a home, creating an atmosphere of sophisticated calm or dramatic brilliance. So, if you’re looking to channel natural beauty into a creative, inspiring environment, the Caesarstone’ Whitelight’ collection offers the perfect solution.

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