When you’re building a new home usually a lot of time and consideration is spent in planning the areas of the home that you most use, the kitchen and living areas, bathrooms and master suite understandably get the most attention. The entry of your home however is the very first thing that visitors see, in fact it’s all that many people such as couriers and delivery drivers will see, so you should consider what sort of impression the entry to your home gives about who you are and the rest of the home.

Here are some great ways to create a grand entrance and make a fabulous first impression:


1. Gated Entry

Don’t you think there’s something about a gated entry that makes you want to see inside even more? Perhaps it’s a sense of mystery about what lies beyond…  

Have a look at some of these gated entries that look both fabulous and provide additional security for the home.  

Contemporary Wrought Iron Entry Gate by Tavoli Designs Perth

Entry Gate in Luxury Custom Home by  Royale Construction

Custom Entry Gate in Iron by Tavoli Designs Perth

Stainless steel entry gate in luxury custom home by Spadaccini Homes


2. Custom Entry Door

Doors come in many shapes and sizes and if you’re building a custom home there is no reason you can’t also have something designed just for you, just take a look at some of these unique custom made entry doors that really make an entry statement.

Glass Art Entry Door by Tradition Stained Glass Perth

Custom made Bronze door by Axolotl

Marble match door in luxury custom home by Spadaccini Homes

Bronze Smooth Crosshatch doo by Axolotl

Glass art entry door by Tradition Stained Glass

Meccano Design Zinc Door by Axolotl


3. Grand Entry Foyer

Nothing is quite as impressive as a grand entry foyer that visitors step into. Take a look at some of these examples.

Grand entry foyer in luxury home featuring glass art door by Tradition Stained Glass

Stunning entry foyer in Le Fanu cottage, Perth period home luxuriously restored by Zorzi Builders

Luxury entry to custom home by Perth custom home builder Spadaccini Homes

Grand Entrance in luxurious European style home by Pirone Builders

Stunning Entry foyer in Contemporary luxury home by Luxus Homes

Entry Foyer in home by Exclusive Residence


4. Staircase to Entry

The slope of your building site could dictate whether or not you actually need one, but the staircases leading to the doors of these luxury custom homes certainly make the entry appear a little grander.  

Staircase to Entry Zorzi Builders Perth

Entrance to luxury French Provincial style home by Melbourne’s Royale Constructions

Stairs to luxury home by Giorgi Homes

Stairs to Entry of luxury Perth custom home by Luxus Homes

Staircase to second level entry – luxury custom home by A. Di Bucci & Son

Grand staircase to entry of luxury custom home by Mandurah Builders


5. Covered Portico to Entry

Perhaps more frequently seen in grand estate type properties, the covered portico entry is bound to impress guests  – appearing more like the entry to a luxury boutique hotel than a private home.

Covered portico entry in luxury home by Melbourne custom home builder Brian Lee

Covered portico luxury home by Pirone Builders

Covered portico contemporary custom home by Victoria’s Hedger Constructions