Your bedroom should be a sanctuary –  a sacred space in your home that is reserved for rejuvenation and restoration. Somewhere to escape in solitude, to relax and unwind,  become engrossed in a book or connect with your partner. Creating a bedroom that feels luxurious and inviting is all about the senses, beautiful textures, fluid shapes and forms and exquisite scents, we’ve selected a range of products below to help you create your luxury bedroom retreat.

Organic Sustainable Linen

Luxury Bedroom Design 9

Nothing quite says luxury like pure organic linen and these beautiful quilt covers and sheets from Bhumi are ethically sourced from 100% organically farmed flax, free from toxic chemical sprays and genetically modified seeds, making for a wonderful night’s sleep. Buy online at

Marble Objects D’Art

These miniature solid marble figurines by Gitani Home add a perfect touch of luxury to your bedside table or dresser. Hand-carved from quality marble, the range includes busts and miniature reproductions of David and the Venus de Milo. Buy online at

Aphrodite Crystal Candle Bowl

Inspired by love and the divine, these exquisite handmade crystal candle bowls by Lemon Canary will transform your boudoir into a calm and relaxing sanctuary. Presented in a lovely handmade ceramic bowl, the soy wax is infused with pure essential oils and then embellished with an array of stunning crystals to elevate you to the highest level. Order online at

Throws & Cushions from Hendeer

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Create a gorgeous layered look that will add warmth and colour to your bedroom with Hendeer’s range of vibrant Bohemian style cushions and throws. Each collection includes a throw and cushions of varying sizes that have been expertly designed to complement each other, or can be mixed and matched for a more eclectic look. Order online at

Ethically Sourced Mongolian Sheepskin Rugs

Luxury Bedroom Design 5

Luxury Bedroom Design

The curly and crimped woolen texture of Mongolian Sheepskin creates super soft and fluffy rugs that are just heavenly to step out of bed onto. Handcrafted in Australia by Eluxury Home’s fur artisans, these exquisite ugs are made from fur that has been ethically and sustainably sourced. Order online at