Needing to spruce up your home office? Check out some of these gorgeous computer desks by our favourite Custom Homes suppliers.

Computer Desks
Gorgeous one of a kind hand-painted desk by talented artist David Bromley. David paints some gorgeous computer desks to work on but also an art investment. Solid copper edge, ply with a durable 2-pack hardened lacquer painted with his iconic butterflies. You can purchase this stunning table here at Boon Bromley.

Colour block hand painted by talented artist David Bromley. You can buy this piece of art furniture here at Boon Bromley. Click to read more about David Bromley from one of our past features.

Computer Desk On a metal base this gorgeous hand painted top by talented artist David Bromley is sure to make you smile while you work with his iconic butterflies underneath you! Finished with 3 coats of a hard wearing 2-pac lacquer to protect the artwork from scratching it’s an art investment you can physically use. You can purchase this here at Boon Bromley.

Versace Computer Desk With all the Versace fashion, glamour and sexiness this gorgeous desk is a classic. Called the Berenice and also available in white and gold, it’s lacquered with a gloss black finish with embossed Greek key pattern leather top and metal sliver elements on the legs and hand holder. Purchase this stunning table here from Versace Home.

 Stunning simple white Versace desk made from wood and fully upholstered in leather with greek key embossing. Obviously made in Italy! You can purchase this from Australian Versace Home Palazzo Collezioni.

Versace Computer Desk Sexy Versace desk with gold metal structure, bronzed gold leaf and veneer dark walnut wood top and drawers with frontal part covered with embroidered Greek key leather and suede inside. Pure luxury. By Versace Home.

The Mollino Desk is inspired by the work of Carlo Mollino, a brilliant mid-twentieth century furniture designer. Asymmetrical in nature, the desktop is offset to create aesthetic balance and is also floating to provide a sense of lightness. Purchase this gorgeous desk from Loam.

Computer Desk The Solo computer desk features a thickened desktop that accommodates the three drawers within, while curved edges soften and lighten the volumetric solid. Underneath the desk, on either side, a bar made from brass and timber is suspended below to hang various accessories, including a leather-lined wooden tray that stores and collects your precious objects. Available in American black walnut, American white oak, or European Ash in a range of finishes, and brass. Drawers glide on soft-close metal rails. Purchase this gorgeous desk from Loam.